Life is……?

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I once said the line to my mom “Life is…..?” and she responded back with “a bowl of cherries” and I said to her “what do you do with the pits?” and she said “you throw them out.”  Most of us have been programmed to just enjoy the cherries and to throw out the pits when we are finished;  without taking a moment and realizing that if it wasn’t for the pits, we would not have vast amounts of beautiful cherry trees producing a bountiful of fruit for us to enjoy.

Kind of like how most of us humans will view what happens in their lives….we will view the positive experiences as something to enjoy and the negative experiences as something to get rid of.  When in truth, if we take the time to contemplate a negative experience and ask “what is the gift in this?,” in time, this negative experience could evolve (grow) like the pit that is really a seed, into a more empowered way of living, producing a bountiful of new experiences for us to enjoy.

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  1. Mary Beth

    That’s a hard one for today. I talked to a friend this evening who right before Christmas lost her brother in law in a stabbing as he walked his dog. Then this week her nephew died of a brain aneurism. He left a wife and 10 mo.old baby behind. They both were kind people from loving families and between them left two teenagers and a baby to grow up without their fathers. I can’t find anything but heartbreak in what happened.

    1. Expansiveness of Light

      Mary Beth,

      Sometimes we will not be able to find a gift in certain experiences til later on in one’s journey. We do not know what kind of agreements these souls made with one another before they came into physical form. I do know from my own spiritual awakening, that the trauma I experienced caused me to call out to God, which in turn, set me on the path to find the peace,love and joy of the Creator that lives within us. Of course, one does not have to go through a traumatic experience to awaken to the truth that we are not separate from the Creator, but many of us humans are usually pushed beyond our comfort zones to receive this deep knowing from within. I remember hearing someone say that faith is the absence of understanding. Love from you and others will help their families to heal.

  2. Zoe Ann Dudley

    I found the pits in being diagnosed with cancer to be a world unto themselves. Being without energy and the ability to enjoy the world around me taught me to cherish the days and not to take them for granted when I felt able. Also to have experienced the side effects makes me able to empathize with others who are not feeling well, being able to “know” what they are feeling. The opening of your heart with others in your shoes makes walking the journey so poignant. It gives beauty when you are sure there can be none. The silver linings are present in any negative situation. Strength comes when we have the courage to look for them and then realize they are gifts.

    1. Expansiveness of Light

      Zoe Ann,

      Thank you for sharing about your own experiences with the pits of cancer and how it turned into many positive life lessons learned for you.

      Peace and Blessings to you!

  3. Mary Beth

    Both beautiful answers. And I know in time it will be easier to understand. Thank you.

    1. Expansiveness of Light

      Mary Beth, I just came across this video of a woman who was in a fatal car crash with her husband and 14 month year old son….and there are so many touching experiences that were born out of this tragedy. I hope this helps you and others who may be experiencing grief over traumatic life experiences.

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