Being Molested Takes Your Power Away

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  1. Tia Weatherholt

    Brian, is it? My name is Tia, and how you said you weren’t going to talk about this experience until you had that dream and got confirmed over it, I cannot express how thankful I am you wrote this. I’m crying as I type this all, I’ve been sexually abused, emotionally, mentally, and physically abused by multiple people all who were supposed to be those who never would do such a thing. To make it worse, I am such a kind person and could never figure out why so many people walk all over me, take advantage of me, chew me up and spit me out leaving me until they need something again. I have been through a lot and can’t seem to ever trust, I always second guess myself because in the past there’s a pattern of me making the wrong decision constantly. I’m very spiritual,and have a beautiful connection with Creator, so I’ve truly been confused until reading this. I never knew how abuse could affect our chakras, and what you wrote really resonated with me, I now know what steps I need to take to become more intertwined with my true higher self. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and with every atom in my being. I love you as you are, and will always remember you for the gift of knowledge you have given me. Much love, I’m only 22 and right now you are an angel for me, thank you again.

    1. Brian Kilpatrick

      Dearest Tia,

      Sorry for the late reply…..Thank you so very much for expressing your feelings of what you have been through to me and how what I wrote helped you in some way. It is such a blessing that at the age of 22 you are so conscious of all that has happened to you as many of us do not realize this until we are much older – you will be able to clear and heal all of it so that your future years are not negative and self-defeating. Sexual abuse is probably the most traumatic one can go through as it temporarily takes your power away in so many ways. One of the hardest things that I have found is that any abuse at a very young age creates such a powerful ego/mind of putting up the walls to keep one protected and then it is very hard to have that part surrender completely to our Creator. I do not check the blog much as it seems like no one really sees it, so thank you for letting me know how much it helped you. Bless you, Tia! You will help many as you continue to heal and step into the powerful being of light that you already are! Much love, Brian

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